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Attention: the world - as we know it - is coming to an end!

Nov 05, 2011

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Today I wanted to just let everyone know that the world - as we know it - is about to come to an end! Just read all the signs from the media: nature out of order, governments defaulting, currencies gone crazy, riot outbreaks where you wouldn't expect it. 

And all that - all of a sudden - like it has never happened before. 

Really? It hasn't?

Hm... Well, over the past 6000 or something years that humans have a historical track-record, I seem to be able to read about much worse stuff going on during various ages, dynasties, kindgoms and rulerships. Looking back at human history I read a lot more of the same: nature out of order at biblical proportions (vulcanos erasing cities, earthquakes erasing regions, pests erasing millions of people). I read about trade and currencies vanishing. I read about governments not only defaulting or going into too much debt, but whole empires defaulting, vanishing, colapsing. I read about wars decimating humanity by the millions. I read about genocides and some of the worst atrocities and injustice. I don't just read about small riots of people putting cars afire to vent their anger on authorities. I read about mass-manslaughter for the mere sensation of rivalry, power, superiority. 

Most historians and scholars will agree that reading history makes today's news look like a Kindergarten party. C'mon now. You can hold on to the thrill and excitement of the thought that "we have to store water and food supplies, 'cause it'll all be over soon...". It's a blend of excitement brought to our boring "ever-day-life". I understand. It makes us being kids again. It awakens the playful excitment of boyscout meets Indiana Jones. Now, if it all goes down the pipe within the coming years, you can write me and say "Andreas, we told you, but you just didn't want to listen", and then not give me any of your food-supplies. That'll be fine. Because: I do not see a slow degeneration of humanity. If it's all over one day, then it will most likely be an Asteroid, or something of the equivalent. The lights will most likely go out with a bang (just when it is the most fun...) and your stored-up food-supplies won't help a thing. 

Now, that said, I have to admit, that I have been there myself. Remember the excitement around "Y2K"? Oh boy... I was all into it and it was thrilling! Churches were holding apocalyptic seminars and survival workshops, teaching its congregation where to buy generators, water makers and tents and how to survive on canned army-food. It was such an adventure! I was pretty deep into it and the basement of my little appartment back then was packed to the ceiling with water canisters and canned beans which have yet to expire. (I have never been able to eat it all, so I donated most of it after "Y2K" was over). 

I even took it a step further: my little ad agency and IT company I had back then, "", sold little PCI plates for PCs, making them "Y2K-ready". It was a nifty little hardware my clients could stick into their PCs (and we equipped whole office-networks with it), which did a "date-override" on any other hardware in the PC that may be unable to count to 2001. 

Alright. So, if the first paragraphs sounded too confrontational - let me openly admit this: I myself am drawn to the excitement of this world's carnal systems coming to an end. There is a part inside of me that even silently wishes that some of our human stupidity would come to an end by some carnal, humans systems (of currencies, ecenomics and politics) coming down crumbling! There is something inside of me that would love to see that happening, so that we can (and I myself can) re-focus again on the real values and the truly important things. 

But: how tragic that I can't re-focus on the things that really matter without the world around me having to disappear? Am I unable to re-calibrate my values without everything "coming to an end"?


Also: I do remember that my level of anger and judgement towards the sinful and "bad" people was far greater back then and it was almost like I wished "Y2K" to erase this world's system just to "pay-back" the "bad" people and to have their lives made miserable, so that they would understand, that I, Andreas, had more revelation than them and knew it better and that they, the "bad people", had to repent and turn from their wicked ways. Sometimes we might just want the world to end, so that we can tell the "bad people" in this world: "hey, we told you! You ruined it, because you didn't want to repent and now you have it!"

OK. Now. There is a good chance that "the end" is near. Sure. Why not? It always has been near, so it might be nearer now. But there is a good chance that there is some more grace. And that grace might include more "time", buying us more time. Here is a good reason why:

1. If we were to judge by "reading the signs of our times" as we are called to do, then honestly (as bad as it may look on TV) we would have to be closer to a thousand years of peace, than we have ever been. Don't forget: the level of human destruction, wars, atrocities, riots, famines, pestilences, nature catastrophies has not increase, but de-creased within the past 5 decades, in comparison to the previous 6000 years.

2. Another thought: God himself longs for fellowship with the people He created, died for and loves so much. He wants to draw near EVERY human person to Him! He may come across as a God full of anger in some places in the Bible - BUT His love is SO MUCH GREATER - and His acts of LOVE OUTSCALE His acts of wrath by billions to one! He loves every, every, every person on this planet SO MUCH and longs for companionship and closeness with every person there ever was! It is not His fault that we turn away from Him, but it hurts Him and He longs for fellowship with us!

So. With a creator of this kind the story shifts a little. Now, God himself "unleashes" a few more percent of our usable brain capacity and allows for humans to develop technologies to fight hunger, disease and illitracy. And He allows humans to develop information technologies which enables every person on the planet to be reached with His love, His message and His presence, so that He can draw every person to Himself. And finally, as it is all in place, ready to be utilized - BAM! - He let's it all vanish! Just before it really started to impact the whole world and impact millions of hearts! The build-up of science and technology, the development of human sophistication, was all in vain - all "for nothing". It could have been used to touch every person on earth and give everyone a fair chance to experience God's love, but no, it had to all disappear all of a sudden, because all resources have been destroyed through a worldwide economic and political colapse. Really? 

Well... Maybe. But, maybe not. And who knows? There may be just enough grace in heaven for us fallen humans on earth to have our time extended; to get some extra time - enough for God to utilize this world's technology and system, which He enable humans to develop by His grace, to draw every person near to Him! 

Who knows? That may be the entire goal of everything! Everything around you may lead up to that one goal: so that He can draw all of mankind near to Him!

Thank you for your attention and patience in reading this. May your steps be blessed to day and lead you to people in need! May your life touch others today, drawing them near!


PS - as always: I am not a native English speaker, nor a professional writer and this blog was written "on-the-fly" in a short break between work-projects. I apollotschaiz sincerely for spelling errors or stylistic flaws. Embarassed

PPS - as always: it is never my intention to step on anyone's toes. I merely want to challenge our thinking a bit, by bringing up a few new (or old) thoughts and angles, that "inspire us" to think outside the box. (or to "provoke us" - which is sometimes the same thing.) Wink