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Faith Community On-Demand

Faith Community On-Demand

FaithCommunityChurchA Multi-Cultural and Generational Church with an Urban Edge in Mount Pleasant & Saginaw, Michigan.

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Don't Miss Your Shift

28 Avaukset

My Failure is not Final

30 Avaukset

My Bad News Was My Good News

217 Avaukset

Never Forget Your Source

198 Avaukset

It's NOT a Matter of Fact

146 Avaukset

Who Are You

90 Avaukset

It's a Job for Jesus

67 Avaukset

The Power of Resistance

212 Avaukset

I Call It Like I See It

35 Avaukset

I Changed My Mind

151 Avaukset

You Are The One

47 Avaukset

Wind Talkers

326 Avaukset

Principles of Promotion

294 Avaukset

Refuse to Settle

181 Avaukset

Change of Heart

68 Avaukset

Begged for the Body

394 Avaukset

It's Not Over

98 Avaukset

There's GRACE for that

107 Avaukset

I'm Available

73 Avaukset

When your Bent out of Shape

1,580 Avaukset

Don't Buy That Soundtrack

613 Avaukset

Some Assembly Required

387 Avaukset

Is That Your Final Answer

314 Avaukset

You're Not Stuck

376 Avaukset

The Blessing of Obedience

669 Avaukset

Where you are Seated

855 Avaukset

Sivu/ 6
1 - 35 / 203 videosta