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HP Printer Tech Support 

HP Printer Tech Support  (235 päivää sitten) (0)

When your HP Printer is printing blank pages then it can be because of the print head or due to the problem in the cartridge or incorrect size of paper used by you. So as to fix this issue you should do the following things:

  • Check ink level of the cartridge

Check the ink in your cartridge by using the option of Estimated Ink Level and if cartridge ha low ink or empty then replace it.

  • Clean the print of your Printer

Try cleaning the clogged print head of your HP Printer by using automated tool option available in Settings.

  • Check the size of paper

One should choose the paper size accordingly in the page setup option found under Settings.

  • Replace the cartridge that is faulty

If the cartridge of your HP Printer is in good condition then it’s good if it is not then you should replace it with a new cartridge.

  • Other issues with your HP Printer

Verify that your HP Printer is receiving an adequate amount of power supply and also check to see it the latest version of the driver is updated or not.

If these solution steps do not help you in any way then it's best that you take assistance from HP Printer Customer Support where you will get 24 hours assistance of the professionals. These team of experts is well versed with the knowledge of different models of HP Printers and the errors associated with each of the models.

For more information you can visit below:

HP Printer Helpline Number


jennifer247 (113 päivää sitten) (0)

This article is really helpful who are using Hp printer. In my office also using Hp printer. Some times there is a problem in working it. In this article, the author explained some common issues on Hp printer and their solutions. hostsailor Thank you for sharing this article. It's really informative.