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john adward

john adward (303 päivää sitten) (0)

The net is dark and full of terrors, crawling with dangers darker than privacy threats, sparing no one
from the fangs of viruses and malware. Daenerys Stormborn – the mother of dragons, breaker of chains,
the unburnt, the Khaleesi of Great Grass Sea, and blah, blah, blah. She holds so many frightening titles
for her enemies but none is more spine-chilling than “the destroyer of Online Security” for her fans.
Of all the most-searched celebrities, Emilia Clarke is the biggest and pointiest throng for anyone who
gets any close to her by surfing on the internet – the actress who portrayed Daenerys Stormborn in the
most addictive fantasy series of Game of Thrones.

How bad is it for GOT Fans?

For fans of HBO’s most popular TV Series Game of Thrones who gear up for the conclusion of the series
this month, have more than just “Icy-Winter” or “Cersei Lannister” or “White Walkers” to be afraid of. A
study led by McAfee Researchers have claimed that Emilia Clarke has topped the ranks of the most
dangerous celebrities on Internet, it turned out the search results for Emilia Clarke are among those
most likely infected with Malware.
In 2018, the study placed her on 17 th position in the list of the most dangerous celebrities but after this
recent study, it is clear that Daenerys Targaryen isn’t just the true heir to the Iron throne but the queen
of malware threats as well.
Cybercriminals use the allure of celebrities – such as Clarke – to trick unsuspecting users into visiting
websites loaded with malicious content. The primary objective of such websites is to get access into the
target’s device and steal their private data, bank details, email credentials, or set a stage for more
gruesome crime such as ransomware. Fan’s curiosity is a curious thing, especially when it comes to
predicting a potential end of the series. With the broadcasting of eighth and final season, it is highly
unlikely for fans not to search for spoilers, Trailers and News online to quench their thirst for curiosity
about the end of the series. Unfortunately, it is highly likely for cybercrooks to take advantage of the
hype around the show to lure supporters into their trap.
McAfee activate – a perfect solution for all your security concerns
Fortunately, there are plenty of ways and technologies available nowadays to prevent such
misadventures in our digital life. Fans can keep up with the show without putting their online privacy at
risk. Let me give you some counsel, proceed with the following tips and pledge your allegiance to your

Avoid visiting websites that have low reputation rate on McAfee Activate

When it comes to suspicious online behavior, streaming illegal websites is equivalent to spreading the
Mad King’s wildfire throughout your device. Many streaming sites are loaded with malware and adware
camouflaged as pirated video files. Do your devices a favor and always stream the show from a reputed
Be careful when you click a link
Don’t bend the knee to cybercriminals who tempt users to click their malicious sites. Instead, download
McAfee activate via mcafee activate to block them.
Keep your antivirus program updated
To fight against the sinister malware threats lurking in the darkest corner of the web, you need the
security of firewall protection and a promising antivirus – McAfee Activate. No threat can bypass
McAfee Firewall protection, powerful features and programs have been cast upon its foundation.
Protect your digital realm with McAfee com activate

Send your regards to the cybercriminals with a 360-degree security platform such as

We recommend you to use only reputed sites to stream the show.
Good Luck – Valar Dohaeris | mcafee free trial | norton account | | | mcafee activate 25 digit code


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