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The Anglican Consultative Council, met last week in New Zealand, issued a special prayer for people affected by Hurricane Sandy in the north-eastern US: "Creating God, you have set us |lisää

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Here’s a list of common errors encountered on SBCGlobal account by more than 70% users while trying to accessing it.

We have explained the common causes of errors along with the quick fixes so if you are facing any error or email stopped working suddenly, then must read the steps mentioned below.

Error 400- Bad request

When the URL you are entering is not identified by the SBCGlobal server or you are using the existing login details, then the problem may encounter. Make sure that you have entered the correct URL.

Error 403- Forbidden pages

Firewall or Antivirus installed in the computer may block the SBC servers due to login or security issue. So, before entering the correct login details, disable all the security software installed in the computer for a temporary time period.

And, the time issue will get resolved, when you enable the security software again.

Error 404- Not found

If you find the URL you are entering is not found or SBCGlobal page is not opening, then check for updated or correct URL. Because, when the email stopped working, the common reason behind it is wrong URL entered or the website entered is modified or changed on the server.

We recommend you to try entering the website URL in portions which will help in taking to the required link. If you are still getting a problem, you can contact experts.

Error 415- Unsupported media type

There are some browsers that don’t support all media types and you will find the error code for the same. So, make sure that you are using the right format for playing media files on your system. If required, you can download the media type from the SBC global website.

Error 500- Internal server error

During the outage problem on email servers or if the email service is down, you will find the ‘Internal server error’ message on the screen. In such cases, try login to the account later after sometime. However, if you notice the server is running fine but the problem is with your system, then you can get it resolved through experts.

Error 501- Not implemented

This error code is related to ‘SBCGlobal net email’ website that doesn’t support the requested feature.

For troubleshooting, try login to after sometime. In case the error doesn’t get resolved, you can contact experts.

Error 502- Bad gateway

This error is related to an internet connection, if the internet is not available on the device, you will find ‘Bad gateway’ message on the Computer screen. Refresh your internet to solve the error or call your internet service provider.

Error 503- Service unavailable

If the website you are trying to open is unavailable, then refresh the page and try signingin again.

If the error still continues, try to login after a few hours.

The steps discussed to fix different errors encountered on SBCGlobal email screen will definitely help you in getting back to email experience and you can enjoy emailing again. Email errors are prevalent on almost all email services and it needs an immediate solution.


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