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> tutorial video <

What is

How do I join

What are the Terms of Use?

Is safe for kids?



Does it matter what my Audio File consists of?

What audio file types can I use for my account?

How do I upload my audio files to

How do I create an album for my audio files?

How can I limit the people listening to my audio file?

How do I upload a cover picture for my album?

How do I delete an audio file?


What is considered a blog on

How do I create a new blog entry?

How many blog paragraphs can I add?

How do I delete a paragraph? 

How do I add another blog paragraph?

How can I add media to my blog?

How do I embed videos other than my own?

How can I limit the people who will read my blog?


What is a channel?

How do I create a 24/7 Channel?

How do I subscribe to a Channel?

Why is my LIVE Channel not seen on



What does "My Contacts" mean?

How do I accept or reject a contact invitation?

How can I organize 'My Contacts'?

How can I add friends to my contacts?

How can I invite my friends using my email?

How can I invite my friends using a *.csv file?

What is the 'Manual Search' tool?

What are "My Groups?"

How do I create a group?

How can I add more contacts to my group?

How can I send message to my group? 

How do I delete a group?


How can I access the community?

Can I join the forums in the community?

What is a "banner" under the "community " link of

Can tell me a church location? 

Why are photos of users in bathing wear tolerated on



> Multimedia Chat tutorial video <

What is the Multimedia Chat?

Who can use the Multimedia Chat?

How do I get to the Multimedia Chat?

Do I have to have a webcam and/or microphone to use it?

What is the difference between the cross.lounge and the

How do I create a chat room?

How do I invite people to join my private chat?

How do I turn my camera on and off?

How do I turn off that sound every time someone writes something?

How do I return to a chat room after I left it?

How can I make the video of any one of my friends full screen?



> cross.board video tutorial <

What is the cross.board?

How  can I filter my cross.board? 

Why can't I see posts on my cross.board from my foreign friends?

How do I connect to facebook?

I have a twitter and facebook account, can I access them using


What are cross.credits?

How do I get points/ credits?



What are "My Events?"

How can I add an event?



What is an e.motion picture?

How do I add a picture?

Is it possible to change the e.motion picture?

What does "describe yourself, how you feel or what are you doing" mean?

Can I change my Status?


How do I create a Forum?

How do I join a forum?

How do I delete a forum?



Why can't I log in to my account?

How can I recover my password if I forgot it?

How do I activate my account?

How do I edit my Profile?

I activated a wrong account, can I change it?

Why hasn't my confirmation link been sent to my email?

How do I change my password?

How do I deactivate my account?

How do I change my email address?

Why does say "the entered password is incorrect"?


How do I read a message sent to me?

How do I reply to a message?

How do I create a message?

How do I delete messages?

What is the 'Block List'?

How do I block a member?



What is 'My Page'?

What is the difference between a Blog and a Page?

How do I add a Page?

How do I upload an object on My Page?

How do I edit a Page?

I created pages in multiple languages. Where can I find them?


How do I upload photos?

How many photos can I upload?

What File format can I upload for my Photos?

Can I add photos to the uploaded photo gallery?

How do I delete a photo gallery?

How do I add descriptions to my photo?

How to delete a photo in a photo gallery?

How do I post a comment on a photo gallery?

Can I keep other people from seeing my photo album?

Why is a Gallery in review?



What is a Prayer?

How do I create a prayer?

How do I join my friends in their prayers?

What is a "current prayer"?


What are 'PRO Features'?

What are the streaming and advertising products?

What other features does a PRO User receive?



What is the "Site designer" Tab?

How do I use the Site designer?


What are the tags for?

What are System Tags?

What are Custom Tags?

What is a Personality Tag?

How do I subscribe to your newsletter?

How do I unsubscribe to your newsletter/mailing list?



How do I upload a video?

I have uploaded a video file and it says it is in review. Why is that?

How long will my video be in review?

What is the free download feature?

What is the Bible Verse feature?

Can I limit the number people watching my video file?

How can I edit the settings of my video after it's been uploaded?

How do I post a comment on a video?

What is "My Favorites"

How do I report an inappropriate media file

What is the 'Share with friends' button for?

How to share content from

What does "May be embedded on other sites"mean?

How do I choose the right topic Channel for my video?


What are the advantages of's LIVE streaming?

How do I sign up for your LIVE streaming?

How do I create an event?

How do I set up a simulated LIVE event?

Does your player adjust to different time zones?

How do I embed a LIVE channel?

How do I set up a countdown to an event?

Why is my LIVE channel not displayed on your site under LIVE channels?

How do I record my LIVE event?

Which streaming encoder should I choose?

Which audio and video settings do you recommend for my LIVE stream?

What bandwidth is required to stream LIVE?

What are the system Requirements for streaming LIVE events?

How can I stream in multiple bandwidths at the same time?



What are the profile visibility settings?

How can I change my 'Profile Visibility Settings'?

How do I keep myself safe?

How do I prevent Search Engines from Indexing my Page?

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Why are photos of users in bathing wear tolerated on is a family-friendly online Christian community platform and serves some strict ethical guidelines. does not allow account profile pictures which include e.g. nudity, bathing suit photos and nude | lisää

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