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Liu jiaxin


do something to the world

liu6 kommentoi käyttäjän CROSS TV ENGLISH rukousta Please pray for cross.tv!

I pray for the website,and pray for all kind people in the world,no matter where you come from, be peaceful,and god will take care of you.

liu6 liittyi käyttäjän CROSS TV ENGLISH rukoukseen Please pray for cross.tv!

liu6 kommentoi blogia Steve Jobs died!

Steve Jobs died!

After fighting cancer over a couple of years, Steve Jobs - Apple founder and former CEO - died on October 5th at the age of 56. Millions of people around the world are shocked about his death and send thousand…

still sad about him

liu6 我下午心情很乱,但现在好些了,正所谓解铃还须系铃人~


hello,I‘m new here,and I am a chinese,I don't know much english,but I like english,I will try ,and make friends with different people

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