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Jamie Acosta

She's Spoiled Sweet|United States

having a good day uploading pics of my new jewelry creations and bakery items :)


I pray that God will touch the life of my Landlord. Since the beginning of November shes known that the heat is broken in our home. She keeps saying "Ill have it fixed by the end of the |lisää

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Hi, my name is Michelle My collection of hot photos here http://v.ht/i18ixx

She's Spoiled Sweet

She's Spoiled Sweet is attending a March of Dimes fundraiser, a community yard sale on March 16th in douglasville GA..please come out and support!!!!



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She's Spoiled Sweet

Happy Valentines day everyone!!

She's Spoiled Sweet liittyi käyttäjän Melchisedec Singh rukoukseen Rural Church

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