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Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord, Please pray for my new book, The United States of Apostasy. It is a very alarming book that anyone with questions in regards to the current rifts |lisää

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The United States of Apostasy gives a historical look at the foundations of America,where America is at today and what lies ahead. It gives insight to the placement of the United States in Biblical prophecy and its purpose among the nations. In such a time when uncertainty and fear abounds, the book sheds light on many subjects, giving the reader an understandable perspective in regards to many questions addressed. An alarming warning, The United States of Apostasy is a must read for every American  More >


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The United States of Apostasy

Check out the YouTube video for the book, The United States of Apostasy at; www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLRLcKGJwwY

The United States of Apostasy

The United States of Apostasy: The Story of a Wayward Nation

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