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Your Hip-Hop Nation

May 24, 2019

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Dear Hip-Hop Nation,

I sometimes end up listening to your radio station at work, due to my coworkers choosing to turn it on. It is very distressing to my soul, and I have to tell you this. Do you have any idea how many black babies are born out of wedlock? Do you read about these things? It is 70%. That’s a number so obscenely high I would think you were joking if you told me, but I know it’s true. The number for whites is 30%, which is also heartbreaking, and for Hispanics it is 50%, a full half of people with Latin heritage. Remember those numbers every day of your life: 30, 50, 70.


Most black children are born out of wedlock because of an evil called fornication, or whoredom, something which your radio station seems to incessantly celebrate, and pump into the media air. Fornication is the wrong way to do things. It destroys good relationships between men and women, it breaks down the family which is a tree of life, and it leaves children much more open to harm. Children without a family are far more likely to be abused. They are more likely to be molested. They are more likely to suffer depression and anxiety. They are more likely to do violence and commit crimes. They are much more likely to be killed in the womb through abortion. In New York City, perhaps the most emblematic city in this nation, more black babies are aborted than born. They get their heads ripped off because their parents wanted to fornicate. They did not get a choice in the matter.


There is a right way to do things, and a wrong way to do things. When you fornicate, instead of coming together in marriage, you help to denigrate, and destroy the human race. It is objectively wrong and destructive to us. How dare you openly celebrate this evil, with songs that treat women like cheap whores, and give them less honor than most of the world gives to dogs? If someone came into your home and started singing a song about all the sex acts they like to do with your mother, would you think they were pretty cool? What if your coworkers sat by your desk and sang songs about what men enjoy doing in bed with your daughter, and called your daughter names that reflected she was a dirty, filthy woman? Would that qualify as an insult? Would that inspire a harassment suit or something? Then what do you think you are doing pumping the air full of songs that insult humanity, and insult the black race as you do? You are insulting the people I love, which is humanity. You are degrading people who are made by God in His image, and dancing and celebrating their unspeakable degradation. What in hell are you doing?


Can you imagine if men sang songs about how cool it was to drive a big rig recklessly and maybe run over a mother and her three kids with a truck? You would think those people were crazy or just evil. Yet you play songs that promote the most destructive behavior, which is much more harmful to human life than a little dangerous driving. It offends God. It insults humanity, and every single black person on the planet, and it brings real emotional trauma, harm, disease, and death.


You have created a black male who hungers for money, pride, fame, and has less self-control over his lusts than an animal. You present a black female who is little more than temporary relief for someone’s sexual pleasure, openly treated like a cheap whore and called one thousands of times over. You infantilize the black male and turn the black female into a cheap slut. Do you have no shame? There are many black women who know how to be a good wife and mother, and would love to be. They have the qualities to be a virtuous wife. Hey, white folks invented feminism. There are black women who know her man is the head of the home, and care deeply about pleasing him. She wants to see him be a righteous king. She has many of the right skills to be a good woman. Yet instead, you treat her like her purpose is whoredom, and openly call her all the filthy names you can think of. She should have a man who loves and protects her for life, who honors her for her virtue and spiritual beauty, a man who provides for the home with hard work, and moral leadership. The last thing in the universe the black woman needs is your disgusting music and your culture. God protect her from people like you.


Do you know what the union of the man and the woman is? It is the union of marriage. The man represents Jesus Christ, calling His special people to Him. He chooses His Bride and makes her one with Him, He teaches her, protects her, and delivers her from harm. The woman represents that special and beautiful people that has been chosen by God through the Lord Jesus. She looks to her Savior for peace, for comfort, for spiritual leadership. They have an unbreakable union, and will always be together. The man and the woman - TOGETHER - represent the salvation of mankind from evil and death. That’s what it is all about. God didn’t make man and woman to play with each other. He didn’t make us to use each other or to fight either. He didn’t call us to denigrate the other, and lead the other into having the lowest character possible. He called us to love each other for life, and uplift the one that we love.


You should repent of what you put on the airwaves, and of the work you are currently doing. It is truly filthy. Words actually fail me to describe how insulting this is to humanity, and how cruelly it holds black people in bondage, and insults their very character. When blacks learned more Christian truths, the black family and the whole black community were much stronger. Talk to any of the old generation who are still around, and they will tell you that even when a child came along outside of wedlock, the couple knew that the right thing to do was to marry. Their parents and their community would make sure they knew that. Black neighborhoods still suffered from more crime than average for America, but they were much safer than today. When there was legalized, systematic discrimination against blacks in America, blacks did MUCH better than today, because they had more character, and they trusted God. What kind of sick people are you, trying to destroy your own race?


I call on you reading this, to depart from your current job, and cease promoting the culture that you do. It is hateful of all humanity. It seeks to destroy humanity. That is a simple fact. Leave your job and find something better to do. Sanitation work, for example, would be much cleaner and purer than filling the airwaves with whoredom. Find a different livelihood, help humanity, lift people up. The only hope for the human race, and for the black community, is in repentance and trust in Jesus Christ. Repentance means we experience godly sorrow for our sins, we stop doing what we are doing, and we obey God instead. Trust in Christ means we accept His sacrifice at Calvary for our sins, and we receive Him into our soul as our Lord. We are restored to peace with God through Him. Peace is something we can truly have. Peace, Joy. Life eternal. It just takes the humility of realizing our corrupt state, and sincerely coming to God to be restored. The black community needs peace with God and it needs righteousness. You know what I am saying is true. Stop playing this wicked music, and repent. Mankind can have real peace.


Yours Sincerely,


Tom Ackerman

giving thanks to the Father who has qualified us to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in the light.

He has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us into the kingdom of the Son of His love,


Colossians 1:12-13




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