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The Christian Homemaker: Clothed in Scarlet

Apr 25, 2017

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Everyone wants to see change in the Body of Messiah, sometimes deep reform or widespread repentance. Yet the problem needing repenting always seems to be with someone else. Some other church. The congregation down the road. We like to think it’s those “big box” churches or those “mainline” denominations which are the cause of all the problems. But most of the time we can look at things right at home to see the cause of the problems. The need for reform. We can look right in our own front doors.


You see we’ve reached a point where the vast majority of believers ignore the man’s role as provider for the home, and more often than that, ignore the woman’s role as homemaker. This is especially strange since the woman’s role in keeping the home is given so straightforwardly in the word of God. In the Brit Chadashah (New Testament) both Titus and Timothy instruct Christian women to be keepers of the home. In Tenach (Hebrew Scriptures) the famed Proverbs 31 paints the picture of the godly woman, and it is the portrait of a homemaker.  Yet modern believers would pretend these teachings do not exist. When we speak of disobedience in the Body of Messiah, why do we not speak of this?


These gender roles are not only supported by scripture, but furthermore by natural law. The woman in particular is uniquely suited for caring for the home and raising the children. Men are more suited to ambitious pursuits, and even danger. They have a heated desire to prove themselves, as well as a longing to seek the truth. These are not some old stereotypes, beloved. The common wisdom about men and women’s differences has been supported by study after study in the modern world. We are NOT the same creatures. For example, any man who finds he cannot provide for a home knows he is something less than he should be. Any man handing over his role as provider to a woman knows there is little manhood in it. Similarly, women’s advantage with children and natural need for more protection has changed not the least over the ages. She is the same woman she was ten centuries ago. In fact her DESIRE for those children and her desire for that protection is the very much the same. So as it often does, natural law stands in harmony with and support of what the Bible teaches. Here it teaches that women have a particular role. That is the keeper of the home.


Now unless we want the Bride of Messiah to be nothing more than an ironic phrase, a laugh-out-loud one liner to make children giggle, I suggest we restore the natural and biblical order. You see it’s been torn asunder by us. I realize that restoration for many many people looks so far away it’s almost out of sight. I realize millions of people have plans and money invested in a woman living out her ambitions as if she were a man. Many even have their sense of worth invested in it also. It ALMOST looks like a hopeless situation. Repentance nearly looks lost.


However, every step we take to return to God, will be a part of that repentance. A man and woman who simply sit down and start to rethink their future is a fine start. A woman who has already invested much in a career, who begins to take more time off, and take on more responsibilities in the home, is still a change of direction. Parents who begin to teach their daughters that their future involves a great and noble pursuit in the home are sowing the future seeds for righteousness. Begin now, I believe, and the blessings will overflow in a generation. Let us return to the roles God gives us in His word. Let us repent.


One of the greatest challenges in this repentance in that an entire sense of self and dignity has been attached to many women’s dreams. This is an area where the devil has been most successful. He has diminished our senses of the God-given dignity of the woman’s work in the home, and replaced it with a false sense of dignity of the woman, well, doing as she pleases. Following what some call dreams. Following what some call her heart. In fact, the devil has so distorted our sense of what is good, right and true, that many believers do not even associate the word “work” with a woman’s homemaking at all. That is how perverse we have become. That is how unknowledgeable.


But look at this; the woman is taught to attach weight to some personal pursuit, let’s say the dream of looking down a microscope one day. But it is in part those very so-called dreams which have left the family in western Christendom in rubbish; nearly everyone puts off marriage. Both partners pursue careers. Then they hand what very few children they’ve had over to strangers to be raised, and pass this selfish pattern on to their next generation. I mean look into the microscope there and see if you can see that. Look really close. Destroying the woman’s dignified and noble role in the home has been a part of destroying the family. It can’t ALL be blamed on atheists you know. It can’t all be blamed on single mothers and drug addicts. Look hard enough into that microscope and you’ll see perhaps how empty these career dreams are. What little they come to in the end.


So I’m asking everyone here to reconsider what their value system is. I’m asking the men reading this to take the helm of their own families, or future families, and make sure they follow the biblical pattern, not the modern one. I’m asking those women out there to dwell on, meditate on, and see the full value and richness in being keepers of the home. Then to hand in notice at work, and return to their crucial roles as keepers of the hearth. It will be like returning to that land which God has promised us. In Torah it is the physical territory of Eretz Israel. In Yeshua, it is our dwelling in His eternal Body. In the restoration of our families, it is of what we speak, the richness and life-giving presence of the wife and mother.


You know, there’s a passage in Proverbs 31, which tells us one of the many vital things that the godly woman does. It says – She is not afraid of snow for her household, for all her household is clothed with scarlet. (Proverbs 31:21) To me those words are just beautiful and mysterious words. But ask some biblical experts, and they’ll tell you what they think they mean; that this godly wife clothes her family with heavy fabrics, good for the cold of winter. We know this because the color is scarlet, and it takes these thick fabrics to hold that special scarlet dye. Well maybe that is true. Maybe that’s what it takes. It just reminds me that this life-giving woman is keeping her family clothed through all kinds of weather. And that scarlet is the color of royalty.


The Lord make the woman who is coming to your house like Rachel and Leah, the two who built the house of Israel; and may you prosper in Ephrathah and be famous in Bethlehem. May your house be like the house of Perez, whom Tamar bore to Judah, because of the offspring which the Lord will give you from this young woman.” (Ruth 4:11,12)

To the Restoration of the Bride:

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What About all the Good? — This is my letter to a friend responding to the claim that careerism could be acceptable if it achieves an important good. In this case the alleged good is allowing the husband to pursue a low-paying ministry job. But in theory it could be something else. Choosing to ignore the homemaker role for this reason is still in conflict with scripture, and also contains a confused and myopic understanidng of “the good.” 

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Order Mary Pride’s groundbreaking book. She was a former feminist and professional woman who returned to following God and her work in the home. Apparently homemakers also write books. 

The Economic Reality of Two Incomes
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