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What Questions You Should Ask Your Criminal Defense Lawyer

Mar 29, 2018

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In the scenario of facing criminal charges, your first step is to search a reliable defense lawyer with proficient experience and knowledge. In case of criminal charges, you might even be jailed, so you need to be prepared for the initial stage, and hence your search for a good lawyer starts to form the very first day. The criminal charges can be minor, but even in such situation; you need lawyers’ consultation to take a right step ahead.

Searching for a criminal defense lawyer is a complex process that confuses most of the people facing criminal charges. There are a public prosecutors as well as civil defense lawyer that make the selection even more complicated. If you are opting the public prosecutor, you can easily do so, but in case you are looking for a civil defense lawyer, you need some basic questions to be asked form your defense attorney.

Are You Offered Free Consultation?
If you are all set to hire a defense attorney for your case, you should describe the entire case and any clues that need to be presented during the court trials. To share the knowledge you need to have a face to face meeting with the lawyer and get a proper consultation. But before hiring the lawyer, you should check whether the defense attorney offers you a free consultation or not. If you are offered a free consultation, you can execute some of the operations from your own end.

Are you a Specialized Criminal Defense Lawyer?
While you move out to hire a reliable criminal defense lawyer, you will find two types of lawyer. One will be the lawyer who can fight for any sort of case while other will be specialized in handling criminal cases. So, before you shortlist the single name, ensure the need and check which is the right person to hire. Hiring ordinary lawyer will not bestow fruitful results that will even ruin your investment.

Do you have Flat Fees or Negotiable?
Price is considered to some extent when you hire a good lawyer. You should ask whether the lawyer has a fixed price or negotiable. Whatever the price you get it's up to you whether you want to hire the lawyer or find an alternative. But make sure you find the right lawyer for the level of the case. In general, the priority of your criminal charges will decide which lawyer is best to represent you in the trial court.

Do you have any prior experience in a similar case?
No doubt, every case will be different from each other. But you can ask this question to check whether the defense lawyer has any prior experience in any case similar to yours.

In case you facing minor or major criminal charges, you need a reliable defense lawyer with fighters mindset and can understand the government’s procedure. You need someone who can fight for your freedom. John Helms is one such person who is a professional criminal defense lawyer and will help you in any fake criminal charges. You can reach John at https://johnhelms.attorney/ and discuss your case thoroughly.